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Fr. Steve explores the great story of Bartimaeus, the blind beggar.  He is alone, abandoned, and has no name.  Yet Jesus picks him out of the crowd and wants to know him personally.  

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James and John ask a bold question to Jesus today: "we want you to do for what whatever we ask you!" Where were they rooted?  

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The man asks Jesus what he must do to inherit Heaven. This past week we celebrated the feast of our Lady of the rosary on October 7th. This feast was originally titled Our Lady Of Victory. we must recognize the war in our daily life for our souls and our hearts continues to rage on. How is it that we inherit eternal life? Our Blessed mother sets the great example for us. to pray the rosary is the simplest means of Holiness. 

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The readings today speak of marriage, but yet they also speak of Divorce and Re-Marriage.  How can we reconcile Jesus' words that if one is divorced and remarried they are committing adultery?  

Divorce and annulments are often confusing for us as Catholics.  Are we kicked out of the Church?  Can we receive communion?

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Humility is what this culture and society is lacking right now.  How do we grow in humility?  How do we grow in our child like dependance on the Father?  It is by practice and the work of the Liturgy that teaches us how to be humble of heart.

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Lord. Liar. Lunatic. “Who do you say that I am?” The world has a lot to say about Jesus but He doesn’t care what they think or say about Him. He does care what you have to say though?

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We are living in a season of unprecedented fear. God‘s words through the prophet Isaiah in our first reading could easily have been the very first words that the deaf man hears as soon as Jesus heals him from his lack of hearing. Be strong! Do not fear! Here is your God!

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Why are you even Catholic? There are many differing opinions on what the Eucharist is. But does the holy Catholic Church have the correct opinion? Or are we just one among many? 


at the end you and I both have a decision to make

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Jesus is continuing to silence all of the murmurers out there. Let’s look at a few different Eucharistic miracles to see
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Though we complain, the Lord will always receive us and feed us with His Grace. Yet if we severe ourselves from Him...the root we will wither and die.

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Life sometimes seems meaningless. We find ourselves saying: "all I do is work and take care of my family". Jesus wants to transform your ordinariness into extraordinariness.
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Are you exhausted in life? God’s invitation to invest in Him

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—what will the first words out of God’s mouth be to you when you stand before Him? Certainly one of them will be “who did you bring with you“. We are all meant to go out and bring others home, back to Jesus Christ—and we don’t have to over complicated it either. 


Are our eyes fixed on the Lord, pleading for His Mercy? That is a question we should ask ourselves. What is Mercy? Isn't God all-merciful? Won't I just go to Heaven now if I died?

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Death is never easy. Why does God take our loved ones? The First reading helps us come to understand that God hates death and that our homeland is with Him in the Kingdom. 

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We walk by faith not by sight! God wants our mustard seeds of faith—the small things, not just big moments.

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Jesus comes to us to feed us. Today is the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist, the Body of Christ—Corpus Christi. What does a little Chinese girl and the prisoners at Dachau have to tell us how to live our faith today?
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One in Three; Three in One, without separation or division.

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What was Jesus’ homecoming like? What can we like it to in an Earthly analogy? Is the Ascension even important to us today?

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A Typewriter. A rotary phone. Elvis Presley. Things are fleeting and passing in this world. Time passes by, but only one thing is Eternal…Jesus Christ! Today our children make their First Holy Communion, and in the Gospel Jesus tells us that outside of Him we have no life. As the things of this world pass us by, life in Jesus is life!

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The Church has to get small in order for it to grow. NO Christian is meant to be isolated, alone or on an Island. The "Two Disciples" in the Gospel are leaving the community, but find hope in Jesus and in others. We need to form small-group-family-communities in order to build upon the faith.
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Directly from Faustina's diary we hear Jesus' words of Mercy and Trust!

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Jesus is our only Hope! He wants our small offerings (the spice), He wants to remove all that keeps us from Him (our boulders), and He wants to give us new life (the Resurrection).
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Jesus cry out His 6th word from the Cross: "It is Finished!" What is the "it"? When did "it" begin? Fr. Steve explores some the Jewish history of the Passover and why Jesus would cry out these words.
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Jesus cry’s out from the cross “I Thirst!” What was He thirsting for?
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This week we meditate on Jesus' words: "My God, My God why have you forsaken me?" What does this mean? Is Jesus crying out in despair? Has the Father abandoned Him?
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Fr. Steve preaches Jesus' third word from the Cross: "Woman behold you son. Son behold your Mother." A gift, a grammar lesson and a promise. She is our to her!
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Fr. Steve continues his preaching series on the 7 last words of Jesus from the Cross. Today he preaches on the words from the Good Thief and Jesus's words: "This Day you will be with Me in Paradise".
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Fr. Steve begins his series on the seven last words of Jesus from the Cross: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!" This is why Jesus came, to beg mercy for us before the Father and to offer His Mercy. Look to the Crucifix for our means of how to repent and ask for mercy.

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Repent. Renew. Resurrection. Ordinary Time is the preseason in preparation for the regular season of Lent. And if Lent is the regular season than Easter is the Playoffs and Heaven is our Championship! The better we "Lent" the better our Easter Celebration will be!
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The word for us this Lenten Season is Transformation. Let's seek to be Transformed like the leper

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We have one enemy the devil. In the Gospel Jesus frees a man who is possessed by the evil spirit. He does so in His authority. In the Name of Jesus we have that very same authority!

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Repent and Believe in the Gospel. Words we hear today and word's we'll hear on Ash Wednesday. So what are the reasons why we don't repent of our sinfulness?
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Why does this feast day fall during the Christmas season? Why happens at our Baptism? And why is this important? 

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Fr. Steve felt compelled to go off script and wing this other homily for the Epiphany. The wisemen persevered in faith and let NOTHING get in the way of their pursuit of the new born Christ Child; why have we abandoned Him so quickly these days?

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Jesus doesn't just want our gold, frankincense and myrrh. He wants what they symbolize.

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Why is the Holy Family a model for us to live our lives by? A family at work. A family at prayer. A family at service. A family who suffers together.

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An Invasion. Gifts. Handcuffs. Why did Jesus come?

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The Gospel story of Jesus' Incarnation is no fairy tale; it was and is a rescue mission, just like D-Day was for the people of France. We have been rescued from something--from the oppressor!

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What is the Virgin Mary’s favorite prayer and why?

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Advent isn’t always an easy season for us to enter into. At the beginning of the Advent Season God is giving us the 3 P’s: pause, ponder and prepare. 

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Fr. Steve leads us in an examination of what it means to
be Thankful and how to give thanks.

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Jesus is King of the universe. Is He your King? And if He is King,
what does that mean for us? Are we His Royal Family?

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The only tragedy in life is to not be a saint.  We’re all called to be saints. The saints of yesteryear weren’t given any special graces that you and I aren’t given. The same graces, the same Eucharist the same Church that they lived in and prayed in formed them in Sainthood. What’s our excuse?

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What our word needs more than anything right now is love. Ultimately the understanding of WHAT Jesus has done for us and how He came to save us. 

Link for picture Fr. Steve uses today:

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What is a family? How does it become a Holy family? And what is a parish family?
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Am I a fan or am I a follower of Jesus? Will I just choose to be a fan of the King of Kings or will I answer the knock on my heart and choose to let Jesus in and be a follower of His?

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Fr. Steve leads us through a meditation on the Nativity just before Christmas.
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God has had an extraordinary plan from the very beginning. God loves us and will never abandon us and the greatest gift He has given to us is the Mother of His Son.

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Discipleship begins with repentance and repentance begins with humility. Let's humble ourselves before the Lord this Advent Season in repentance from our sinful lives and live for Christ alone!

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Be alert for what? Keep what for what? Keep vigil for what? Your death. If you stood before God just after you died and He asked you the simple question: "why should I let you into Heaven?" What would you say in reply?

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Is Jesus your King? What Jesus wants is our surrender; we thing of surrender as giving up like being handcuffed. But when we surrender more to Jesus, the more we will live!

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If we are not grateful we have nothing. This upcoming Thursday is Thanksgiving and our newly Beatified, Blessed Fr. Solanus Casey teaches us to Thank God ahead of time. Thanksgiving must be rooted in God--but how can we practically offer Thanks to God?

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He who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted. The place that one is humbled the greatest is our deathbed. Fr. Steve shares wise words from one on his death bed to help us humble ourselves now to be exalted on the last day.

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When we deny God's free gift of Love we cannot give love outward. But when we come to know Jesus' love and Mercy we can fulfill His great commandment of Loving God and loving neighbor.

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Today Fr. Steve tackles the questions of: "why is it better to pray before the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament?" and "why do we sing some songs in Latin and not English?"

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Deacon Brian Mulligan, our transitional Deacon from Winona, MN preaches for the first time to our community about how God has created us.

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Auxiliary Bishop Gerry Battersby was at Divine Grace this past weekend to instal Fr. Steve as our Pastor. He preached to us on the two seminal events into our lives: The Incarnation and our Baptism and how repentance must be our means to following Jesus.

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In our Gospel today Jesus sounds rather harsh as he dismisses the man who was not dressed accordingly. Was it just because he wasn't wearing a tie? The wedding garment symbolizes being prepared when the master summons us. How do we prepare for that call though?

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We can easily become discouraged while we're doing the work of the Lord. Who is there to lead us, guide us, and protect us? Our Blessed Mother. With this being the Feast of the Holy Rosary and with the Anniversary of Fatima looming--Our Lady crushes discouragement by the power of the Rosary!

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Next week is our commitment weekend to the capital campaign to serve the needs of both St. Patrick site and St. Joseph site.

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We cannot be fake the Christian faith. We must be authentic.

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Fr. Steve tackles the question today: “where is it found in the Bible that it is a mortal sin to miss Mass on Sunday?”

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Forgiveness—why must we forgive? Because we have been forgiven much! We have been forgiven such a tremendous amount—can we not forgive those who have harmed us? There is no unforgiven in Heaven; we must forgive now in order to inherit Eternal Life.

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A great challenge by God today in the readings. The Lord challenges us to call people on to Holiness; to share with them the goodness of Jesus! We are not sharing flood insurance with hurricane victims, we are sharing the goodness of Eternity!

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Jesus tells us that the way back to the Heavenly Father is the Cross. Let's beg forgiveness for those times we refused to accept the cross.

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A few weeks back we had our missionary, a Bishop from Ghana, come to speak with us about his diocese.

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A few weeks back Fr. Dan Nusbaum celebrated Mass for us. Here is his homily.
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Today Fr. Steve tackles the two questions of: "is there alien life form on other planets?" and one concerning the racism.

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The Canaanite woman sets a perfect example for us to grow in faith--that should be our prayer: "Lord help me grow in faith!"

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Two words in two different translations of sacred Scripture help us know the heart of our Blessed Mother today--AND and BUT. Despite it all, Our Lady was at the Cross of Jesus...despite it all she remains there to help us carry our Cross.

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God wasn't in the thunder, the earthquake, or the fire. Where was He? He was in quiet whisper. God wants us to meet Him in the silence where He awaits us.

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A good litmus test for everyone of us to see where we are in our faith walk is: do my friends/neighbors/co-workers know that I am a Catholic-Christian! Weeds among the wheat. If we are the wheat we must be aware of the weeds among us. The great temptation for Christians is to blend in with the crowd--to become a weed. We must fight against that and pray for greater friends in the Lord.

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"If you put son or daughter, mother or father, before Me you are not worthy of Me!" These are strong words from Our Lord. Father Steve ties in an incident that happened to him this week and shows that our culture must put Jesus at the forefront once again to be considered a great Christian Nation.

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What are you afraid of? We have to name our fear. If we don't than we can name defeat our fear, it will always have us. But if we do name it and give it to the power of the Cross than we can have power over our fear.

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Jesus is present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament--the Holy Eucharist. Jesus has reminded us of His undying presence in the Holy Eucharist many times throughout the centuries by giving us Eucharistic Miracles. Today we will look at three and beg the Lord for an increase of faith and piety in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

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The Holy Spirit is not boring! We don't know the power of the Spirit that lives within us!


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As we send off our 8th grade students to High School there are two very important things they must know: 1) gifts and 2) ownership. They must recognize the gift that they are to Jesus from the Father, the gifts they've been given, and the gift that Jesus has given to them. Then they (and each of us) must take ownership of our faith and live it!

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Happy Mother's Day! Happy Feast of Our Lady of Fatima! As these two days coincide with one another God wants us to unpack what a mother's heart looks like and what our Heavenly Mother's heart looks like as well and what she is saying to us in particular at her apparition at Fatima.

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If only it were that simple that we could just hear the Good Shepherd's voice and follow Him. The only problem is, is that there is another voice vying for our attention--that of the evil shepherd ("My sheep do not follow the voice of strangers"). The voice of the evil shepherd in today's world causes us to doubt and grow lazy in our faith. Let's be vigilante in our faith!

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Bishop Hanchon challenges the youth to live for Jesus and that confirmation isn't a graduation at all but more of an enlistment into the army of Christ.

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Were your hearts burning within you? Jesus wants us to converse about Him, to have face time and to break open the word so that our hearts will burn within us and we too may have an encounter with the Living God.


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What does the Paschal Candle symbolize? What does it say about us as parish where we are at today; and what does the Resurrection of Jesus mean for us?

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The Cross of Christ does three things for us: 1) that death is a condition of life; 2) the Cross heals; 3) the Cross teaches us how to Trust in God.

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Why is Jesus called the Lamb of God? The Holy Mass is a sacrifice and reminiscent to the Jewish Passover.

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What does the story of Moses tell us about what God is asking us to do as people of Divine Grace?

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Come Encounter Christ! Mission Talk 3--witness: Witnessing our faith.

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Come Encounter Christ! Mission Talk 2: Growing in our relationship with Jesus--abandonment.

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Come Encounter Christ! Mission Talk 1: Encountering Jesus--surrender!


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Deacon Steve Mitchell leads us on our mission weekend. He preached all the Masses this weekend walking us through all of the moments we have encountered Jesus this Lenten season.

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We come to the conclusion of our three week series on Seeking the Face of God. This Sunday we explore the Mercy as we Seek the Face of God in Mercy. He opened the eyes of the blind man so he may see and brought him into the light. So to does he want to cast the shadow of darkness from us as well by forgiving us our sins.

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Seeking the Face of God in the Eucharist. Fr. Steve continues his three part series. Today we look into the story of the Samaritan Woman at the Well, and how this story relates to our call to seek the Face of God in the Eucharist.

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"Slow down and seek My Face." What does it mean to seek the Face of Jesus? Let's examine what it means to seek the Face of God through prayer. Part 1 of 3 in the series of what it means to seek the face of God.

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Do not worry Jesus says...but how? How are we not to worry? How can we learn to trust?

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Fr. Steve walks through the training and commissioning of Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. He first discusses the disposition of heart that an EME must have then moves into the practical elements of distribution of Holy Communion.

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What bearing do the commandments have on my life today? What is the purpose and what do they say to us now?

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We are called Salt and Light? Why? Because Jesus wants to use us! But we forget that there is more than just this life that is why we loose our flavoring and our light. There has to be more than just this life!!!!

Link to Tom Brady interview.

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What makes us different? They will know us by our love!

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Our Lady and St. Joseph presented Jesus in the Temple and this feast day is the perfect opportunity for us to consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. But what does she do with our offerings? She perfects them for us and offers them to her Son.

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A mustard seed is the smallest of all the seeds and that it will grow to a mighty tree. Does Jesus want us to wait with our faith until it grows to that mighty tree or can we begin now?

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Life is so precious to God; He is the Father of life not death.

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What does St. Sebastian and his life have to say to us today?

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Our lives are a mess! But the reality is that Jesus loves us and isn't afraid of our mess!

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What does Our Lady want from us hear at Divine Grace? She wants us to consecrate the parish to her Immaculate Heart and she desires more than anything for us as individuals and our families to be consecrated to her. As good sons and daughters we always listen to our mother's--let's listen to her!

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We have all seen the manger scene so many times in our life, but what do many of the images symbolize? Like the swaddling clothes--what do they mean for Jesus and what do they mean for us today? And what about the manger itself? What is Jesus trying to tell us about His birth that we must pay attention to?

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Part two of preaching a series on the parish. Today we hear the State of the Parish Address and ask the question to ourselves "Why do we exist?"

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Fr. Steve preaches to the kids on what to do on their birthdays and who to thank.

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Gratitude is at the heart of the Christian life at the heart of prayer. But why? Why is giving thanks so important as a Christian?

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Fr. Steve preaches part one of his two part series on the State of the Parish. What was the Archdiocesan Synod all about and what does it have to do with Divine Grace? Who should we become?

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Does martyrdom like we heard in the first reading happen today? Will it ever happen in our country? Will the darkness we are presently living in get even darker?

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What is it that the Saints do for us? How do we respond?

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Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn't do? What happens? You repent and change and reform your life. Something my sister did and same thing the man in the Gospel does today.

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Can there possibly be anything good that could come from Auschwitz? Could there possibly be light that could come from that unbelievable darkness? Fr. Steve examines the beauty within the horror at Auschwitz.

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Gratitude is at the hear of our faith life, it is at the heart of prayer, and it gratitude is at the heart of salvation.

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The Rosary is our weapon to take up and defend ourselves against all attacks but it is also our Victory!

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Mr. Zachary King came to Divine Grace to share his moving testimony about how he was a satanist and how he came to know Jesus.

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"Lord, increase our faith!" What a beautiful prayer the Apostles ask in the Gospel. But what is faith?

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Fr. Steve challenges the kids to be different, letting them know that their Catholic School uniform isn't the only thing that makes them Catholic. The world will listen to their voice because they are sons and daughters of the Father.

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Fr. Steve asks the kids who are you?

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The greatest thing that we can know is the Resurrection of Jesus!

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Fr. Dan Jones from the seminary serves at Divine Grace on the weekends.

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Who are the Julia's in your life? God wills that every person would be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth about Him. Everyone! Let's pay attention to the Julia's that come our way.

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We are the Prodigal Son! Have we ever thought of what God thinks of us? If He really loves us? What He'd do for us? God loves you embarrassingly so! Our God is willing to humiliate Himself out of His love for you!

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Jesus lays out the cost of Discipleship for all who will listen. Three times He tells us: "you cannot be My Disciple...". So what does a Christian Disciple look like in the 21st Century?

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Fr. Steve introduces himself to the kids and challenges them to look for moments where God will speak to them this week.

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Fr. Dan Jones professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary joins us here at Divine Grace and preaches on what it means to be a Disciple.

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Jesus offers us a terrifying challenge today. He calls us to choose the narrow gate--that is to follow Him and not the world--in order that on the last day we will be welcomed into His Kingdom. But what is the narrow gate?

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In the first reading from the Book of Revelation we hear of Heaven being opened up and our ability to see the Ark of the Covenant. What is the Ark? Why is it being seen on that day? And why do we have this reading on the Assumption?
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As so many of us are afflicted with many different crosses, St. Paul offers us two perfect examples of what to do when we have them.

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Who then is the wise and prudent stewart? How can we become one?

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Deacon George Cousino, Deacon at Divine Grace, preached on community and our response.

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Why does God take so long to answer our prayers?

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The typical way we read the Martha and Mary story is that prayer is good and work is bad. God wishes to share a new meaning of the story with us...that we can never earn God's love.

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Fr. Tom, a Basilian Missionary priest, came to Divine Grace to preach about his missions in South America.

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The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few. We here in Monroe County know what a harvest is, but Jesus isn't talking about crops, He is talking about the harvest of souls. This being Fr. Steve's first Mass at Divine Grace he challenges the congregation to follow him, to be one of his 72 and reminds us all that we're called to go out.

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Fr. Stephen Burr, professor at SHMS in Detroit visited St. Lawrence this weekend and challenged the congregation to follow Jesus.

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God is always inviting us to something greater than what we know. What holds us back is slavery. Often times we become salves to the past; i.e. sentimentality and nostalgia. There can be no such thing as a nostalgic Christian. We must live for today with our hearts set on Eternity.

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" soul and body pine for you like a dry and parched land with out water" Psalm 63 reads. What does our bodily thirst tell us about our spiritual thirst? How do they relate?

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A good doctor treats the cause of an illness not the symptoms. We must look at the sickness of our souls the same way. We are sick with sin and the only cure is true repentance.

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Fr. Steve preaches directly to the 8th graders for their graduation.  He challenges them to greatness.

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The Archbishop gave a beautiful homily on the occasion of St. Lawrence's 150th anniversary Mass.

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Ascension Sunday is next week. Why did Jesus have to go? Why couldn't he have just stayed? He says elsewhere in the Gospel of John that it is better for him to go than to stay. Why?

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The Lord will only ask us one thing when we stand before Him: "DID YOU LOVE? Did you love me, and did you love others?" Before we truly understand and accept Jesus' challenge to love as He loved, we must first know that we are loved by Him and that He first loved us!



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There is a little bit of Simon-Peter in each of us but we are all called to be like St. Peter.  Peter's heart was broken and he was wounded for betraying Jesus.  The only way he could be healed was through Jesus' love and friendship.   

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What is Mercy? Jesus showed Sr. Faustina what Mercy is and He wants us to know exactly how He wants to give it to us also. 

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This year we welcome in 25 people into our Holy Catholic Church--including 8 baptisms. Why did they want to become Catholic? What is the point of all of this? What do we get out of following Jesus? What's in it for us? We have to get something--what do we get?

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This year Good Friday falls on the feast of the Annunciation the next time this occurs is on 2154 (wrong date mentioned in homily). This odd occurrence allows for a meditation on JRR Tolkien's, Lord of the Rings and how he chose this date to show the end of the world. 

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What is the difference between Forgiveness and Mercy? Were the Pharisees justified in bringing the woman to Jesus? The Law demanded that she be stoned for her actions. Jesus tells her to go and sin no more hence forgiving her. But Jesus does not condemn her. That is Mercy!  

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The Prodigal Son story is one that we've all heard so many times.  Have we ever thought of what God thinks of us? If He really loves us?  What He'd do for us?  God loves you embarrassingly so!  Our God is willing to humiliate Himself out of His love for you!   

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What does the Transfiguration mean for me...for us? We first have to know what Jesus was discussing just before the Transfiguration before we know what it means for us then we can see that it is a paramount feast for us all--because we all have our Crosses to bear.  

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The devil is on the prowl and he has only one mission to destroy us.  How would we react in our temptation against the devil and his assaults?  Fight back?  Run?  Use logic and reason?  Jesus has one particular way He wants us to combat temptation.  

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The Lord wanted the entire congregation to hear the same pre-Lenten theme of sacrificing our tongues and speech this Lent, so Fr. Steve preached a similar homily from the week before.  St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians has nothing to do really with marriage, though we often assert that it does.  It is actually a rebuke telling us to love.  Do we love?  As we approach Lent the challenge is to sacrifice more than sweets, but our foul mouths and our gossip.  We must love!

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St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians has nothing to do really with marriage, though we often assert that it does.  It is actually a rebuke telling us to love.  Do we love?  As we approach Lent the challenge is to sacrifice more than sweets, but our foul mouths and our gossip.  We must love!

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On the feast of St. Agnes we also come together as a group of men to begin our journey into Men's Ministry. Coincidence? Absolutely not! Agnes shows us two things: 1) how to Love Jesus with out hesitancy; and 2) how to live purely. Let's beg this 12 year old girl to teach us to be better men.

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Our identity is summed up in knowing that we are sons and daughters of God the father. We are adopted into the family of God through our baptism. All we have to do is listen to the voice of our 

Father and not the voice of the world.

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The Three Magi bring gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  What are the gifts that we have to bring to Jesus today and everyday?  He wants our possessions, our worship, and for us to give Him our death.  


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Fr. Steve shares an image that he has of the Blessed Virgin Mary and how she wants to be known as here at St. Lawrence.  She wants to be OUR Refuge and she wants to be ALL others Refuge as well.  

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Everything went wrong in Joseph and Mary's home, but they trusted--because God is good and trustworthy.

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Star Wars, a tapestry and the face of a baby. Does our life seem out of whack at times? The face of a baby makes it all clear.

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The last homily in the series on the Last Things. Fr. Steve works through scripture passages showing God's love for us and not wanting us to perish.

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Today we celebrate our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Conception but also the beginning of the Year of Mercy.  What is mercy? What does the Virgin Mary have to do with it?

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Heaven.  Where are they?  Today we reflect on how Heaven is home, how Heaven is bodily, and how the greatest joy of Heaven is to be with God.  

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Purgatory.  Fr. Steve continues his series on the Last Things by preaching on purgatory today and the fact it is truly based on God's mercy.  Purgatory is not a third destination!  It is an offering from God to His children to be completely cleansed before entering into Paradise.   

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Fr. Steve continues his preaching series this week while preaching on death. So many of us are terrified of death: to face it, to talk about it and especially to die ourselves.  The good news is that we have nothing to fear because Jesus has conquered the grave and destroyed death.  

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Fr. Steve begins his preaching series on the last things by preaching on judgement. Judge is not a bad thing; God wants to judge us!  He wants to judge us worthily to enter His Kingdom.  This Advent season let's ponder the the Lord and His Birth so that we're prepared when He comes and when we will meet Him one day in the Kingdom

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Father Steve football and salvation

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Like the rich young man we all keep many things in our lives that keep us from following Jesus. What is it in our lives?  The one thing that many of us hold so on to and refuse to let go of is unforgiveness.  The story of St. Maria Goretti clearly illustrates to us how we must not only forgive, but show Mercy in order to truly follow Jesus.  

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Fr. Steve spoke after the weekend Masses as he transitioned to his new assignment at St. Lawrence Parish in Utica, MI. This is a podcast of Fr. Steve's farewell remarks from the 10 AM Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel.

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Fr. Steve served as Associate Pastor at OLGC from July 2012 until July 2015. In this final homily from the 10 AM Mass he spoke on the Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage asking the questions: is the Church dead? Where do we go from here? How do we respond?

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Fr. Steve served as Associate Pastor at OLGC from July 2012 until July 2015. In this final homily from the 4 PM Mass he spoke on the Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage asking the questions: is the Church dead? Where do we go from here? How do we respond?

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Happy Father's Day! Often Fr. John preaches to me asking them to be great--but how in today's day and age? ALL FOR JESUS TODAY!

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To fully live in God's freedom is one of the hardest things. Fr. Steve recently went to Spain and the Lord showed him how to live in His freedom in three things: when bad things happen, with material possessions, and with sharing the Gospel.

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Fr. Mateja presided at the last Mass for the current school year and challenged the students to tell others about Jesus during their summer vacation and to share their faith with their friends.

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What is the Ascension and why is it pivotal for our faith? Fr. Steve explores the collect which reveals to us the answer. 

"Gladden us with holy joys, almighty God, and make us rejoice with devout thanksgiving, for the Ascension of Christ your Son is our exaltation, and, where the Head has gone before us in glory, the Body is called to follow in hope."

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Today we celebrate Mother's Day.  I have really come to understand in a clearer way two important things: 1) that all women are under attack; and 2) that not every women loves Mother's Day.  So today we'd like to celebrate all women on this day.  

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Fr. Steve shares his testimony of why he loves the Blessed Virgin Mary. Three things in particular: where it all began, his love for her title of Our Lady of Good Counsel, and where it took off.

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Is the Resurrection of Jesus a laughing matter? Is it believable? Acceptable? Rational? Logical? Let's look at the proofs and make our decision from there.

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Why did Jesus allow Himself to become bread to be eaten? For friendship! He desires our friendship. Friendship surrounds both sacrifice and a meal. We too partake in the sacrifice of the cross and then are fed from it! Then we too, must become Eucharist for others. Sacrificing and feeding them. 

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It's amazing to think that we are the people who chant "hosanna in the highest" wishing Jesus to be our king, and we are the same people who chant "crucify him!" Why? We lack courage and faith. Fr. Steve leads the people in meditation on the Crucifixion, begging the Lord for courage and faith. 

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Have you ever tried to break in a new pair of boots? We all have at some point. Breaking in. New pair of boots is a good analogy for us in life; the mere fact that we have to break them in despite the discomfort. Jesus wants to break in "our boots"--he wants to "break in" our lives. But the only way He can do it is if we let Him in and surrender. 

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Today we hear the famous John 3:16 verse at Mass: “for God so loved the world He sent His only Son!” Before that though Jesus speaks of being lifted up like Moses lifted up serpents in the desert. Huh? What’s He talking about? It’s a type (foreshadowing of what is to come). But then why did God send the serpents in the first place? Because the complained at what was sent to them as food. How often do we grumble at the Bread that has come down from Heaven--the Eucharist? 

Direct download: FSMHomily031515.m4a
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We continue our preaching series on the Our Father. Today we explore the first and second petitions: "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." What does it mean to say "Thy kingdom come?" What are we asking for when we beg for His kingdom to come? It has to be an individual petition. I have to first beg the kingdom to come into my own life. Then His kingdom can spread on earth. Then and only then when I have allowed His kingdom to come into my own life I can ask for His will to be done.

Direct download: FSMHomily030815.m4a
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Over Lent Fr. John and I will be doing a preaching series on the Our Father. Today we will be looking at the first two sentences "Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name." With the Our Father falling on this day where we also hear the gospel from the Transfiguration we realize that the our Father and Transfiguration tell us three things about God. It tells us who God is, they show us who we are, and it shows us that God is trustworthy.

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During the season of Lent we must remember the 3R's: repentance, renewal, and relationship. Repentance means to change direction and repentance leads to us renewing our commitment to God, which leads to us having a relationship with the God who loves us!

Direct download: FSMHomily022115.m4a
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The joy of a leper! He was bold recognized his dirtiness and he was humble. That is exactly what we must be this Lenten season. We ourselves must be Lepers. Bold in in our approach to Jesus, we must recognize our sinfulness but we first must be humble--submitting ourselves before the King of Kings.

Direct download: FSMHomily021515_10.m4a
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There has got to be more! The Apostles knew there was more that is why they were able to drop their nets and follow after Jesus. Do we know there is more? Are we hungering for Jesus? If He isn't first--He's last. 

Direct download: FSMHomily012415.m4a
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Today the Kings/Magi bring Jesus the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Often times we feel that we are empty-handed before our king and have nothing to offer him. But these gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh are actually symbols of what we're actually to offer Our Blessed Lord.

Direct download: FSMHomily010415.m4a
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The ancient tradition for this feastday was that January 1 marked the circumcision of and the naming of Jesus. It was Mary and her obedience and love to God that lead Jesus to the temple for the circumcision and who gave him His name. It is our Blessed mother who wants to pierce our hearts so that we may receive new hearts and who wants to reveal the name of her Son to us.

Direct download: FSMHomily010115.m4a
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On Christmas we celebrated Jesus becoming man, today we celebrate His family. The reality is that we're all part of His family--but do we love everyone as brothers and sisters? In our world today there is much racial tension. Instead of pointing fingers we must love our neighbor. 

Direct download: FSMHomily122714.m4a
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God didn't just have a gameplan, He became the gameplan. He doesn't want to lose you. He wants, more than anything this Christmas, for you to draw near and approach Him in the manger. Where are you on the journey?

Direct download: FSMChristmas2014.m4a
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So many of us are heartbroken, and many of us really hate this time of year. The great paradox is that this is exactly where God wants us because our broken hearts make the best of empty mangers! We must make them ready for the Lord's arrival.

Direct download: FSMHomily122114_10.m4a
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"What do you get out of following Jesus?" This is a question that we all have to ask ourselves. Because this is the question that the world is asking themselves and answering for themselves why they are not Jesus. The real answer is simple.

Direct download: FSMHomily121414.m4a
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God has a plan for all of us. His plan began long ago when he created the Blessed Virgin Mary sinless and without stain. She is the key to the treasure. 

Direct download: FSMHomily120814.m4a
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John the Baptist tells us to make straight the path into prepare the way. What happens if we're heading in the wrong direction? We have to change and turn a new way--metanoia--repent! Repentance is the way in which we change directions in our life. Sin is a refusal excepting God's love, and we must repent of all of our sin but also in our relationship right now with God.

Direct download: FSMHomily120714_12.m4a
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Fr. Steve talks to parents of children making their first reconciliation, first communion and confirmation. 


Direct download: FSMSacramentalTalk120114.m4a
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Three images help us to understand how this Advent can be different: a concert, Thanksgiving, and pottery. The fact of it all is that this Advent will be just as it always has been if we do not become men and women of prayer.

Direct download: FSMHomily113014.m4a
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Today we celebrate the great scenes of Jesus Christ the King. A king has the kingdom, and a kingdom has boundaries. What is our king is doing is inviting us into his kingdom. Once we enter into his kingdom me realize that I am not The king of my own life.  But instead the king of all Kings must have Lordship over everything in my life. As we look further into our lives we remember what Jesus says here in the gospel and we must feed the poor, clothe the naked and, care for those in need. Or as Mother Teresa says, "The gospel can be summed up on five fingers 'you did it for me.'"

Direct download: FSMHomily112314.m4a
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All things from God are gifts to us. We have to see everything in light of His gift. Now the question is, what will we do with these gifts? We must invest them by giving them back to God for the use of the building up of His body--The Church. To save souls for His glory is the greatest means of using our gifts. 

The story that Fr Steve referenced about Sir Nicholas Winton:

Direct download: FSMHomily111614.m4a
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This day we commemorate all the Faithful Departed. It is also a day that we should consider our our own deaths. There are many things we place in the way of preparing our selves and souls for death. Why? Why do we fear death? As St. Augustine has said: "I love you lord, but if I fear death, do I truly love you?" 

Direct download: FSMHomily110214.m4a
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Ever felt lost? Deflated?  Defeated?  Empty?  Sometimes all we can say to Jesus is, "I love you, Jesus".  The Psalm reflects this sentiment this week: "I love you Lord, my strength".  All Him to be your refuge in the midst of your emptiness.

Direct download: FSMHomily102614.m4a
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We have to focus on two things in this Gospel today: 1) what is God asking of us; and 2) what the devil is trying to do to prevent us from doing it. Ultimately it is all about trust in the Lord

Direct download: FSMHomily101814.m4a
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"Therefore, I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given tweet people that will produce its fruit." Jesus is talking to us. This is a gospel that Jesus is calling us out directly to live the faith more often tickly for him. We are the tenants. The father leases the Vineyard to us. The Vineyard is our life, our faith life. The father has sent his servants–the prophets, the Saints–to bring us back to the father and to help us produce fruit. He is also sent us his only son. And yet we continue to live with lukewarm hearts. We must produce fruit in our lives. This is our wake up call. 

Direct download: FSMHomily100514.m4a
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Why can't we listen when the Father is asking us to do something? Why can't we just do His will and not grumble? It is because we don't trust Him. He has our very best in mind. We must discern which of the three spirits are at work in our hearts and respond with love to the Father's will.

Direct download: FSMHomily092814_5.m4a
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This Sunday we celebrate the Exaltation of the Cross.  The Cross is a call to intimacy with God. Jesus is saying from the Cross to us: "Look up! See what I have done for you!" Yet we grumble and complain with what we have been given like those in the first reading.  Do we know the price Jesus has paid for us?

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Love! What is love? St Paul speaks of love in the second reading and challenges us to love God and neighbor. But what kind of love? Our English language is so lacking in understanding of what kind of love.

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St Paul challenges us in the 2nd reading to not be conformed to this world but be transformed into the life of Christ. How? Two ways: 1) we must come to know life with Jesus is more not less and 2) by entering the community of Christians who will model a transformed life.

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One. Holy. Catholic. Apostolic. These are the four marks of the holy Catholic Church. These four marks distinguish us apart from every other Christian church that makes the claim they are from Jesus. Jesus founded the Holy Catholic Church,  and it is in these four marks that show he has.

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The Canaanite woman in the gospel has faith. She steps outside of herself despite Jesus flat out ignoring her. She perseveres in faith for her daughters sake. Jesus wants us to do the same. We have grown far too lukewarm in our faith. No is the time to step it up and step outside ourselves. 

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This isn't just a story about Jesus or Peter walking on the water, or us for that matter. This is a story about Jesus getting into our boat and combing the storm immediately once he enters. Jesus wants to comb all of the storms in our life.

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"They all ate and were satisfied." What does it mean to be truly satisfied? It can mean only one thing really ... to be filled with Christ. Jesus has pity on those who are hungry; we come to Him for food, but in the end it is He who is hungering more for us because His only desire is to fulfill that hunger we have for Him. 

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The treasure that one sells all to buy the field and the pearl of great price. What is your treasure? What is your pearl? We cannot worry about how to get the treasure or the pearl, but more so on the treasure itself--Jesus! He can be our only treasure. If we put anything above Him that soon becomes our treasure.

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At the July Praise and Worship, Fr. Steve honored OLGC parishioner and his spiritual sister, Caeli Finn, as she prepared to enter the convent the following day. Please pray for Caeli who is now in the Franciscan Sisters TOR in Steubenville, OH. 

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Why does Jesus use so many parables? It is to give us a warning that the devil exist--he is real-- and to be vigilant against the weeds in our life. 

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"Come to me all you who are burdened and labor and I will give you rest!"  These are Jesus' words to us today.  All of us are labored, all of us are burdened, all are stressed and need a break, but do we know how to truly rest and do we actually allow ourselves to get rest?  God wants us to rest--to be revived and renewed.  This summer, and especially on Sundays, let's truly rest in the Lord.  

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Are you willing to die for Jesus? Thousands of miles away, our brothers and sisters are giving their lives to receive the Eucharist.

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We have lost a sense of awe and wonder, and reverence with Almighty God. Today we celebrate the feast of the Most Holy Trinity; it is a feast day that causes some confusion in our hearts sometimes. It is a feast for us to celebrate what God has done for us! But at the same time it is a feast in which we have to pay homage with awe, wonder, and reverence to Almighty God. How is it that we regain this awe and wonder? I believe that we have to look at the secular feast that we celebrate this day as well to answer that question.

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The Holy Spirit is alive! We as baptized Catholics fall into one of three categories when we are looking to our lives with the Holy Spirit. Fr Steve explores these three ways using the analogy of a beach. 

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Jesus says: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." What implication does this have in our lives? If we have found the way, and we know the truth, and we have new life, that means we must point others in the right direction, give them the truth, and help them find life.

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Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. Today we celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday today as well as Mother's Day. How can we look at these two events and see them in a similar light? The way we see them is by looking at the beauty of our own mothers and the Glory if Holy Mother Church--Jesus Bride. Both give us birth, both feed us, protect us, and lead us. Let us be grateful.

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The story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini, a three year old who wants to make her first communion and a little boy wearing his first communion suit all relate to us and our faith in Jesus and His gift in the Eucharist. How? Child like faith. 

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What if it were all true? What if Jesus really did rise from the grave? If he did then it should have every impact on our lives possible. If he didn't, then, nothing matters. Let's ask ourselves the question did he rise? And what is the proof?

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Let us console the Heart of Jesus. 

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Why did Jesus wait so long to go to Lazarus' tomb?  He was showing Martha and Mary, and us, that He has everything in His hands.  We are to Trust Him.  There is no greater gift that we can give to Our Lord than trusting Him.  

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The two themes that are brought forward to us from our readings today are progression of faith and light and darkness. In fact the main characters from the Gospel show us each where we're at in our faith journey at this very moment. The blind man is for those of us who have already given our lives to The Lord, there is still more for us to do, we must go back and show others that we've been saved. The parents are afraid--are we afraid of anything? We mustn't be afraid of sharing Jesus with the world. And the Pharisees are those who doubt they are the voice of the world in today's world. The Pharisees are those who do not want to believe they want religion on their own terms. 

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Jesus wants to reveal Himself fully to us.  That was the purpose of His conversation with the woman at the well, and in doing so He reveals who we are and who we need to be.  Jesus doesn't condemn, He points out the real thirst we have and that only He can fill that void.  


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Perseverance! In the Transfiguration, Jesus is preparing His apostles for His coming Passion.  What He is asking of them is to persevere--to look to what is to come.  Lent is a perfect microcosm of the Christian life of perseverance.  We cannot take our eyes off of what is to come...the Glory of His Resurrection!  

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What would do if we were on the mountain with Jesus being tempted in the same manor? Run? Fight back? Engage the devil just as Jesus did? If we run he will follow, if we fight he will fight harder, and if we engage we've already lost. The devil always wins when we allow him in; he destroys the soul once we engage him, we allow him to wreak havoc in our lives. The answer is that we must stand behind Jesus and allow him to fight for us. But Jesus doesn't just want to fight the evil one, He wants a friendship with us. We must deepen it this Lenten season.

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Jesus gives us two really strong commands today: 1) you cannot serve both God and Mammon, and 2) seek first the kingdom. 

When we have other gods that we serve, we end up with divided hearts. When we have divided hearts we are not seeking first His Kingdom. Therefore we are deeply attached to something, and that something is keeping us from Christ. 

As we begin Lent let us not seek to "give up" those arbitrary thing like chocolate or sweets, but let's give up those attachments. Ask Jesus to reveal what it is we're attached too so that we may detach and live for Jesus alone.

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In our 6th week of preaching the Sacraments we look into Marriage today. What so many married couples forget is that they have been given GRACE in their marriage to get through any obstacle, any turmoil, any thing that the world throws at them. When specifically were they given that grace? On their wedding day when the Nuptial Blessing was prayed over them.    

Below is that Nuptial Blessing.  It is worth reflecting on:

Dear brothers and sisters,
let us humbly pray to the Lord
that on these his servants, now married in Christ,
he may mercifully pour out
the blessing of his grace
and make of one heart in love
(by the Sacrament of Christ's Body and Blood)
those he has joined by a holy covenant.

And all pray in silence for a while.
Then the Priest, with hands extended over the bride and bridegroom, continues:

O God, who by your mighty power
created all things out of nothing,
and, when you had set in place
the beginnings of the universe,
formed man and woman in your own image,
making the woman an inseparable helpmate to the man,
that they might no longer be two, but one flesh,
and taught that what you were pleased to make one
must never be divided;

O God, who consecrated the bond of Marriage
by so great a mystery
that in the wedding covenant you foreshadowed
the Sacrament of Christ and his Church;

O God, by whom woman is joined to man
and the companionship they had in the beginning
is endowed with the one blessing
not forfeited by original sin
nor washed away by the flood.

Look now with favor on these your servants,
joined together in Marriage,
who ask to be strengthened by your blessing.
Send down on them the grace of the Holy Spirit
and pour your love into their hearts,
that they may remain faithful in the Marriage covenant.

May the grace of love and peace
abide in your daughter N.,
and let her always follow the example of those holy women
whose praises are sung in the Scriptures.
May her husband entrust his heart to her,
so that, acknowledging her as his equal
and his joint heir to the life of grace,
he may show her due honor
and cherish her always
with the love that Christ has for his Church.

And now, Lord, we implore you:
may these your servants
hold fast to the faith and keep your commandments;
made one in the flesh,
may they be blameless in all they do;
and with the strength that comes from the Gospel,
may they bear true witness to Christ before all;
(may they be blessed with children,
and prove themselves virtuous parents,
who live to see their children's children).

And grant that,
reaching at last together the fullness of years
for which they hope,
they may come to the life of the blessed
in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Through Christ our Lord. 

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This week we preach the fifth of the seven sacraments: the Eucharist. We have to ask ourselves, as Catholics, a very serious question: "Do we truly believe that Jesus is present in the most Blessed Sacrament?" We should, but not because the Church says so but because Jesus is trustworthy! 

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Fr. Steve lead hundreds of parishioners through a consecration to the Virgin Mary. We belong to her and all she wants is to bring us to Jesus. 

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For the first time in many, many years the feast of the Presentation falls on a Sunday. When things like this happen we must pay attention to it. The 4th sacrament in our series that we're preaching on is the Anointing of the Sick. Behind these two things "intersecting" is one great driving force: The Blessed Virgin Mary. Beyond anything she wants to prepare us for death by helping use receive the anointing of the sick. She wants to stand at our death bed to receive our souls so that she may carry them into Heaven and "present" them to God our almighty Father. 

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The third of the seven sacraments to be preached on: confirmation. There are two elements to the sacrament of confirmation: first, we have been sealed and secondly we have been sent on a mission, and not just any mission but one into battle. In this great sacrament Jesus is preparing us for this battle that we must be willing to fight on His behalf. He has called the Apostles, He calls us--will we follow? We have been given the gifts in confirmation, we have been sent, now we must go!

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The second week of the preaching series on the sacraments we are preaching on the sacrament of Holy Orders--the Priesthood.  Fr. Steve elaborates on three essential elements on which the priest makes present Jesus: 1) through service; 2) through offering of self and Jesus; and 3) through his celibacy.  

Pray for your priests!  

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Mary wants a relationship with you and she will lead you to her son.

Direct download: FSMHomily123113.m4a
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Why are we so afraid to pray with our loved ones?  Authentic, Christian family life is essential for our culture--we need families of prayer.  We must break down those walls we have put up in order to allow God to reign in our homes.  It isn't just going to happen!  We have to begin, and we begin by just praying with our spouse, our children, or our family.  We cannot make excuses any longer--the world needs our family to be one of prayer and God wants in.  

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The Crib. The Cross. The Eucharist. We cannot separate Bethlehem from Calvary. God has given us the greatest of gifts, we must respond. 

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Fr. Steve leads us through a meditation on the birth of Jesus. We can use our imagination for bad things why not for good also? God has given it to use. Let's use it to imagine we are there at Jesus' birth. 

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You're worth it!  Just as NFL coaches have a game-plan for their game on Sunday, God has had a game-plan for us since the fall.  He has sent prophet after prophet, and spoken to His people time after time assuring them He would redeem them.  Alas, every prophecy is fulfilled with Jesus.  All of this shows that we're worth the struggle, the pain and heartache for God.  Just as that NFL coach looks at the Super Bowl trophy with value, the Lord God sees us with eyes of value--because we're worth it all to Him.  That is how greatly we're loved.

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Time matters! Father Steve explained how at Thanksgiving this past week he reflected on the past, present and future realities of what Thanksgiving was like and will look like. Then using that understanding explained how advents also has past, present, and future realities.

Time matters! Jesus came and took flesh in time. It wasn't just an event that took place years ago but the reality that we relive today. That event that we relive effects us here in the present time now. Our lives that we live here and now, responding to God coming to Earth, are how we will get to heaven in the future.

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Why should we tell anyone about Jesus? It ultimately comes down to two reasons: we do so because Jesus has told us to and we do so out of love for them. But how? Zacheaus in the Gospel today lived a sinful life. Did someone lead him to Jesus? Yes Bartimaeus who was the blind beggar from Jericho. He most likely came back to Jericho and lead Zacheaus to Jesus by telling him what Jesus had done for him. We must tell others what Jesus has done for us. 

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How does God guide us? The best question we should ask is who is guiding us?  Where is He guiding us? And why is He guiding us?  The answer is Jesus Christ is guiding us.  He is leading us back to Heaven, and why?  Because He knows the way there, because He has come from Heaven and wants to lead us back.  We must just allow Him to lead us.  

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Why and how do we read the Bible? Our second reading from today providentially speaks directly to this topic. Paul charges us to "proclaim" the Gospel.  But we must know the scriptures in order to do so. As Paul tells Timothy, we must "teach, refute, correct and train in holiness," but that command must start with us to teach ourselves, refute our own sinfulness, correct our waywardness and train ourselves in holiness. How? By the word of God. One great way is by using the put off/put on method. Fr. Steve lists the following put off's and their corresponding put on's:

Unfaithfulness: Hebrews 3:12 / Faithfulness: Hebrews 11:1

Pride: Proverbs 16:5 / Humility: James 4:6

Lust 1 Peter 2:1 / Pure Desires Titus 2:12

Worry/Fear: Matthew: 6:25-32 / Trust: 1 Peter 5:7

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"Why should we pray?" Fr Steve focuses today not so much on on the "how to pray" as he does the "why pray". 

Archbishop Fulton Sheen shared a story about his inspiration to pray everyday. It was a Chinese girl who gave him the inspiration to pray, but ultimately it was to be with Jesus. Not just to ask Him for things, but to be with Him for who He is. 

Just like Moses when we to to pray we too in prayer must come out shining with the glory of The Lord on our faces. He must "rub" off on us. As for the "how" look to the Leper who returned to give thanks. Gratitude is the heart of prayer. 

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"How can I have faith?" This was the question asked in our weekly Alpha course this week.  Our faith is reliable, sustainable and easily proved.  We show it by the written evidence, sacred scripture; the event, the Crucifixion; and the experience, knowing Jesus.  Fr. Steve uses this background and a recent experience at the hospital to show how we are starving for faith!  We all fit, or can fit, into three areas of our faith: 1) lost faith; 2) hungering faith, and 3) lived faith.  Those who have lost their faith, must open the door for Jesus, as He says, "I stand at the door and knock."  Those who are hungering must beg for more faith, just as the Apostles did, "Lord increase our faith," and those who are living their faith must keep doing what they are doing by practicing their faith!   

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Jesus is the only person in all of history to pre-announce His coming. What distinguishes Him from all others is that Jesus was born to die! In His death we find life! What we really must do is sit before Our Lord in a crucifix today and ask Him, "Jesus, why did You die for me?" We we personalize His it becomes real for us. 

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Who is Jesus? Why do I need him? I will only need Jesus when I'm dying! These are the thoughts and questions on most of our hearts and minds at one point or another through our lives. In the readings today we see how Jesus is our mediator. He is the intercessor between us and God. He mediates – by begging mercy for our sins to the father. So thus Jesus is the son of God, and we need him to mediate for us to forgive us our sins. As for the question of us meeting God only on our deathbed, Jesus gives us life now also abundant life. We need him today so that we can be with him tomorrow in eternity.

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Who is Jesus? He has saved us! Saved is from what? Hell!  We desire a "new beginning"--the ultimate new beginning starts in us by allowing Jesus to continue to save us from our sins. The prodigal son story portrays perfectly for us that our God doesn't look at our sin as something beyond healing, but welcomes us home with love. But we must return with love. That is who Jesus is--He helps bring us back to the Father and receive His loving mercy. 

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A pillar is what holds up the exterior and interior of a building. Fr Steve declares that the seniors of this parish are the ones who are holding up our community. How? By their witness of showing us that old age and illness are not a curse but a blessing and by their reverent faith. He also challenges them to pray hard for our people.

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Jesus tells us that the gate is narrow and that few will be welcomed in and through.  Fr. Steve propoeses that the gate is indeed hard and narrow, but in fact it is harder to stay "in" the gate once in.  To know Christ is to enter the narrow gate and to stay in the gate is to follow Him--thus we must follow Christ as His disciples and never turn our backs on Him in this difficult and backwards world.  

Below is the quote that Fr. Steve read at the beginning of his homily from St. Leonardo of Port Maurice:  

"Brothers and sisters, I want to send all of you away comforted today. So if you ask me my sentiment on the number of those who are saved, here it is: Whether there are many or few that are saved, I say that whoever wants to be saved, will be saved; and that no one can be damned if he does not want to be. And if it is true that few are saved, it is because there are few who live well. 

As for the rest, those who are not saved, compare these two opinions: the first one states that the greater number of Catholics are condemned; the second one, on the contrary, pretends that the greater number of Catholics are saved. Imagine an Angel sent by God to confirm the first opinion, coming to tell you that not only are most Catholics damned, but that of all this assembly present here, only one will be saved. If you obey the Commandments of God, if you detest the corruption of this world, if you embrace the Cross of Jesus Christ in a spirit of penance, you will be that one who alone is saved.

Now imagine the same Angel returning to you and confirming the second opinion. He tells you that not only are the greater portion of Catholics saved, but that out of all this gathering, only one will be damned and all the others saved. If after that, you continue your usuries, your vengeances, your criminal deeds, your impurities, then you will be that one alone who is damned."

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Today's readings were focused in on two things: eternal life and faith. In order to inherit eternal life we must have faith, but faith presupposes something -- that we have had an encounter with the living God. We as men and women of God must meet the living God, Jesus who has risen from the dead for us. That is where faith comes from, that is what faith is based in. Starting in September we are rolling out our Alpha program. The sole purpose for this program is to help men and women of all backgrounds and ages come to meet and encounter the living God. Our only desire is that we all may have a friendship with Him and then thus inherit eternal life.

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Here at OLGC we have many different means of technology. Did you know we have an App for your smartphone? How about a YouTube channel? A Facebook page? The world is changing and OLGC is at the forefront of using these new means of media to bring the New Evangelization of the Gospel message to the world. In addition to the parish website, the parish maintains a Facebook page, a YouTube page, a blog page, a Twitter page, and an Instagram page. The parish also has smartphone applications (apps) for both the iOS and Android platforms.

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Friendship is from God!  Fr. John and Fr. Steve recently took the teens on pilgrimage to Rome and lead the teens to friendship in three ways: 1) Friendship with Jesus; 2) Friendship with the Saints; and 3)  The importance of Christian friendship.

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Jesus calls 72 disciples that He sends out to bring His saving message to the nations. We are His "72" today. He has called us, refined us, and sends us out on mission. What are we afraid of? Jesus says elsewhere that we mustn't be afraid of what can hurt the body only that which can harm the soul-- the evil one. The disciples return rejoicing saying how they cast out evil in the name of Jesus. What are we afraid of? Nothing can harm us! We must speak up and make Jesus known. It is our mission!

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We are all called to discipleship--that is nothing new for us to hear.  But so often many of us try to put our own thoughts and ideas into God's call in our lives.  We must always keep in mind the Eternal Perspective when thinking of being disciples of Jesus Christ.  When we keep our eyes focused ahead, toward Jesus--toward eternity, we then can truly live for Jesus. 

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Psalm response today is: "My soul is thirsting for you my God." All of our souls are thirsting. We can do one of four things with that thirst: 1) drink the poison of the world; 2) ignore the thirst; 3) drown it with other "stuff;" or 4) come to Jesus who is the only source of life giving water.  Run to Jesus in the Eucharist to see His strength and glory and be quenched. 

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Fr Steve preaches directly to High school and college students about what life will look like in college. In challenging them he also encourages them to keep the faith. In the end, the only real death in this life is not knowing Jesus. What good is a four-year degree if you have lost your soul?  

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We are always hearing that we should have a personal relationship with Jesus. But how does it happen? All we have to do is ask! In the Eucharist we receive Jesus' Body and Blood--there is no more intimate expression of a relationship than this! All we have to do is ask! 

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The Holy Trinity can often be very confusing. Father Steve examines one of the simplest ways to look at the Most Holy Trinity -- through the life and heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lady is a daughter of the Father, spouse of the Holy Spirit, and Mother of God. If we wish to have the Trinity enter more deeply into our lives one perfect way is to have the Virgin Mary bring you closer to them. 

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It takes three to parent: mother, father and the Holy Spirit. There is a direct attack on the family in our world today, and parents must be vigilant in defending their children from the hands of the evil one. One of the direct attacks on our children is through the internet; do you know what your kids are doing on their mobile devices? We must monitor them on a daily basis in order to keep them safe. One of the great means for protecting our children is to teach them the virtue of Temperance. Virtues are learned and we must learn Temperance. Temperance is expected in all areas of life--why not is our sexual lives as well?    

Direct download: FSMHomily050513.m4a
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As Fr. John and Fr. Steve begin their preaching series on be moral issues, Fr Steve lays the foundation of what will be discussed in the coming weeks. Living in this world with constant bombardment sexual imagery and temptation, it is as if we're all in a burning building. We've all been stung by the flames, we all have ashes and soot on us. But this isn't the only place to live. Christ wants to bring us to the great life with Him.

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What would the world be like if Jesus never came? We often live our lives as if Jesus were completely irrelevant, but this feast of Divine Mercy shows us that Jesus'  Mercy is always relevant. Our God is alive and he calls us to put all of our trust into his wounded side so that we may receive his mercy in return.

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Where are you headed?  We must keep our eyes focused on the Crucifix, our heart on the Eucharist, and our mind always pointed toward Heaven...our destination.  Where are you headed?

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"Father forgive them, they know not what they are doing!" The first of the seven last words of Jesus.  It was our sinfulness that put Jesus on the Cross and Jesus is crying out for our forgiveness. 

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The Cross of Christ is the wellspring of life. We must cease drinking the water this world has to offer and run to the Cross which bring true life. 

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We are like Lazarus when we are bound to sin like he was bound to his bandages. He was dead to God. In our sin, we are dead to The Lord. Just as Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, so does He do the same with us.

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So few of us know how to really pray. We know prayers, but "to pray" is different. Fr. Steve leads the congregation in a short meditation on the prodigal son returning to his loving Father. 

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The Samaritan woman at the well came to know Jesus as the Messiah. We must fall more deeply in love with Jesus, which begins with knowing we were saved in the waters of Baptism.

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The annual parish mission is being held from February 24th to February 27th.  Fr. Riccardo is leading this year's mission titled Lord, I Believe, Help My Unbelief (Mk 9:24).  This podcast is from the Wednesday evening closing Mass. Fr. Mateja details his path to the priesthood in his personal testimony that opened the Mass.

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Jesus points the Apostles to the greatness that is to come. He is calling us to greatness as well.

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Trust and complete surrender.

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We must stop turning our backs on the Lord and receive His abundant love.   

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Exploration of Psalm 71 that God is our refuge.

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What does Baptism really do for us?  We men and women of God find our identity and self-worth only in being children of God. We try to disguise it in many ways, but we must always know that we are sons and daughters of the Father.

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Who is going to teach our children about Jesus if the family doesn’t?  Fr. Steve helps us to understand more fully that we must teach our Children to know Jesus, because we as parents are the primary educators of our children in the faith.  

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There is just something different about this day than all the rest of the days on our calendar.  This day is different because Jesus is with us and want so to give Himself to us.  Will we accept?

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Hell is real and we don’t want to go there.  

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Heaven—relating to the tragic events from Newtown, CT.

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Purgatory—where we are cleaned up to be with God.  Fr. Steve offers a simple yet profound analogy of what purgatory is like.

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Fr. Steve explores the title of Our Blessed Lady as The New Eve.

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Today on Fr. Steve’s birthday he shows us that we have nothing to fear in dying, for Jesus has conquered the grave.  We must truly persevere in our final moments of life and pray for the grace of a happy death.  

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The Lord knows the sound of voices of His Children. In the final judgment, we want Jesus to know our voice.  Will He recognize your voice?  

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The Lord wants us to exhaust ourselves for Him.

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God’s love is so immense we can hardly even fathom it, and yet we continuously put up barriers to keep it out.  One of the only images we can really offer to explain the Lord’s love for us is that it is like a flood beating down all the barriers we put up.  

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We’re all blind to the Lord’s love at times. 

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As God’s children we are called to stand up and protect the unborn.  We must pray for the end of abortion and take action against it.  

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The last shall be first and the first shall be last.  

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Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me.  To suffer is to suffer with Jesus, because Jesus reigns within us.

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Why does Jesus do things like stick His finger in a deaf man’s ear?  Or spit on the ground?  Fr. Steve explains these odd things because they actually mean something.

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We as Catholics are different.  The world sees us differently—and expects more from us.  What that means for us is that we cannot just be hearers of the word, we have to be doers of the word.  We have to act on our faith.  

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If only we truly knew what really happens at Mass!  The Jews in the Gospel turn their backs on Jesus and say, “how can this man give us his flesh to eat?”  But Jesus doesn’t call them back and tell them it is just a symbol.  

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It is startling to the Jews when Jesus says: “Eat my flesh!”  Jesus is a man, with real flesh, a real body and a real heart.  Jesus’ Sacred Heart reveals His Mercy and Divinity.  In the Sacred Heart of Jesus we find the depths of why He became man for us.

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Our Lady’s yes has won us our salvation.  At the moment of her yes, the word of God took root in Mary’s womb and at that moment Mary becomes the new Ark of the Covenant.  

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Do you believe that Jesus is truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of Altar.   The world laughs at our belief in the Eucharist, yet we believe.  Transubstantiation is a word that we have often heard but do not fully understand the meaning.  Fr. Steve simply explains this teaching.

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We all feel incredible as we are leaving Mass.  This is because when we receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist we are the closest to God that we will ever be on this side of Eternity.  When we are leaving Mass on Sunday we have just received exactly what we have been created for—life with God, thus the Eucharist is preparing us for eternal life. 

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The Mass is a sacrifice.  The Holy Mass is not the re-slaughtering of Jesus on the cross but the re-presentation of Calvary in an unbloody manner.  The cross of Christ is made present at Mass, meaning that every time we enter into Mass on Sunday we are entering into Calvary.  

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Today is the anniversary of Humane Vitae. As a shepherd of souls Fr. Steve acknowledges that he will be held accountable for giving the people the truth.  Fr. Steve focuses his homily on the decline of sexual morality, one of Pope Paul VI’s prophetic words that would occur if the contraceptive pill were legalized.  Fr. Steve further directs his focus on the attack on female chastity—with the rise of such things in the popular media as the book 50 Shades of Grey and the movie Magic Mike.  

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