Our lives are a mess! But the reality is that Jesus loves us and isn't afraid of our mess!

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What does Our Lady want from us hear at Divine Grace? She wants us to consecrate the parish to her Immaculate Heart and she desires more than anything for us as individuals and our families to be consecrated to her. As good sons and daughters we always listen to our mother's--let's listen to her!

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We have all seen the manger scene so many times in our life, but what do many of the images symbolize? Like the swaddling clothes--what do they mean for Jesus and what do they mean for us today? And what about the manger itself? What is Jesus trying to tell us about His birth that we must pay attention to?

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Part two of preaching a series on the parish. Today we hear the State of the Parish Address and ask the question to ourselves "Why do we exist?"

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Fr. Steve preaches to the kids on what to do on their birthdays and who to thank.

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Gratitude is at the heart of the Christian life at the heart of prayer. But why? Why is giving thanks so important as a Christian?

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Fr. Steve preaches part one of his two part series on the State of the Parish. What was the Archdiocesan Synod all about and what does it have to do with Divine Grace? Who should we become?

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Does martyrdom like we heard in the first reading happen today? Will it ever happen in our country? Will the darkness we are presently living in get even darker?

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What is it that the Saints do for us? How do we respond?

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Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn't do? What happens? You repent and change and reform your life. Something my sister did and same thing the man in the Gospel does today.

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Can there possibly be anything good that could come from Auschwitz? Could there possibly be light that could come from that unbelievable darkness? Fr. Steve examines the beauty within the horror at Auschwitz.

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Gratitude is at the hear of our faith life, it is at the heart of prayer, and it gratitude is at the heart of salvation.

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The Rosary is our weapon to take up and defend ourselves against all attacks but it is also our Victory!

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Mr. Zachary King came to Divine Grace to share his moving testimony about how he was a satanist and how he came to know Jesus.

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"Lord, increase our faith!" What a beautiful prayer the Apostles ask in the Gospel. But what is faith?

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Fr. Steve challenges the kids to be different, letting them know that their Catholic School uniform isn't the only thing that makes them Catholic. The world will listen to their voice because they are sons and daughters of the Father.

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Fr. Steve asks the kids who are you?

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The greatest thing that we can know is the Resurrection of Jesus!

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Fr. Dan Jones from the seminary serves at Divine Grace on the weekends.

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Who are the Julia's in your life? God wills that every person would be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth about Him. Everyone! Let's pay attention to the Julia's that come our way.

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