Gratitude is at the hear of our faith life, it is at the heart of prayer, and it gratitude is at the heart of salvation.

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The Rosary is our weapon to take up and defend ourselves against all attacks but it is also our Victory!

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Mr. Zachary King came to Divine Grace to share his moving testimony about how he was a satanist and how he came to know Jesus.

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"Lord, increase our faith!" What a beautiful prayer the Apostles ask in the Gospel. But what is faith?

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Fr. Steve challenges the kids to be different, letting them know that their Catholic School uniform isn't the only thing that makes them Catholic. The world will listen to their voice because they are sons and daughters of the Father.

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Fr. Steve asks the kids who are you?

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The greatest thing that we can know is the Resurrection of Jesus!

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Fr. Dan Jones from the seminary serves at Divine Grace on the weekends.

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Who are the Julia's in your life? God wills that every person would be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth about Him. Everyone! Let's pay attention to the Julia's that come our way.

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We are the Prodigal Son! Have we ever thought of what God thinks of us? If He really loves us? What He'd do for us? God loves you embarrassingly so! Our God is willing to humiliate Himself out of His love for you!

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Jesus lays out the cost of Discipleship for all who will listen. Three times He tells us: "you cannot be My Disciple...". So what does a Christian Disciple look like in the 21st Century?

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Fr. Steve introduces himself to the kids and challenges them to look for moments where God will speak to them this week.

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Fr. Dan Jones professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary joins us here at Divine Grace and preaches on what it means to be a Disciple.

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Jesus offers us a terrifying challenge today. He calls us to choose the narrow gate--that is to follow Him and not the world--in order that on the last day we will be welcomed into His Kingdom. But what is the narrow gate?

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In the first reading from the Book of Revelation we hear of Heaven being opened up and our ability to see the Ark of the Covenant. What is the Ark? Why is it being seen on that day? And why do we have this reading on the Assumption?
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As so many of us are afflicted with many different crosses, St. Paul offers us two perfect examples of what to do when we have them.

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Who then is the wise and prudent stewart? How can we become one?

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Deacon George Cousino, Deacon at Divine Grace, preached on community and our response.

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Why does God take so long to answer our prayers?

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The typical way we read the Martha and Mary story is that prayer is good and work is bad. God wishes to share a new meaning of the story with us...that we can never earn God's love.

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